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Bulletin 1

May, 2009

The 20th Hadron Collider Physics (HCP) Symposium will be held in Evian, France, from 16 to 20 November 2009. The Symposium is co-organized by CERN and the French HEP community. It is sponsored by CERN, IRFU/CEA, IN2P3/CNRS, the Rhone-Alps region and the Universities of Grenoble and Savoie. The town of Evian is also participating in the organisation.

This symposium series has been a major forum for presentations of the Tevatron Collider measurements over the last two decades. The last two symposia were held at Elba, Italy, in 2007 and at Galena, USA, in 2008. The HCP Symposium series is based on the merge of the former Topical Conference on Hadron Collider Physics with the LHC Symposium (in 2005), this bringing together the Tevatron and LHC communities. This year's Symposium will come at an important time for both communities. It should stimulate the completion of analyses for a significant Tevatron data sample, and it will allow an in-depth review of the readiness of the LHC and its detectors just at the time when the first collisions are expected.

The programme will include sessions on Top-Quark Physics, Standard Model, QCD, B Physics, New Phenomena, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Heavy Ions, LHC Experiment Status and Commissioning, the LHC Machine Status together with its foreseen developments, ending with Summaries and an Outlook. A draft programme1 is available on the conference web pages.


The Symposium will consist of plenary sessions starting on Monday, 16 November 2009 at 10 am, with oral presentations by invitation only. The conclusion and outlook session will take place on Friday, 20 November 2009 from 2 to 4 pm. In addition, a poster session will be held on Thursday late afternoon, 19 November, at 5:30 pm.

Location of the Symposium

Postal address (during the meeting):
HCP Symposium 2009
PALAIS Lumière
74502 Evian, France

E-mail: info-hcp2009@cern.ch
Web site : http://hcp2009.in2p3.fr/


The Symposium will be held in Evian, France, on the shores of Lake Leman 60 km from Geneva. Nested between the lake and mountains, Evian benefits from a truly exceptional natural environment that has made it an internationally famous tourist resort. Culture2 has also been given centre stage in Evian! The town's tourist attractions include the Palais Lumière3, where the conference will be held, as well as a rich historic heritage4 and many sites dedicated to art and spectacles.

Registration and Conference Fee

The Conference Fee is 260€ for early registration (before 15 September 2009) or 300€ afterwards. It includes the conference material, welcome reception, coffee breaks, conference dinner, a concert, Web-published conference proceedings, transportation from Geneva Airport/CERN to Evian on Sunday and return, either on Friday late afternoon or early morning of Saturday. It does not include accommodation, lunches, or excursions. Accompanying persons are invited to attend the welcome reception and the concert.

The Conference Fee can be paid by bank transfer, credit card, or in cash upon arrival, and must be in EURO. The conference organisers have asked the Evian Tourist Office to collect the Registration Fees and help the participants book their hotel room and excursion. The deadline for registration is 31 October 2009. Please consult the on-line Registration page5 for further information and payment instructions.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation of the registration must be sent in writing to the Conference Secretariat (info-hcp2009@cern.ch). The conditions are:


The Evian Tourist Office is in charge of the hotel reservation and offers a wide variety of accommodation. It is available to help with your accommodation needs. The following options are available:

All information, including prices, is available on the conference web pages.
Hotel Guarantee

In most cases, a deposit equal to one night's lodging is required to guarantee your reservation and will be charged to a major credit card at the time of booking. This amount will be deducted upon check-in. The Evian Tourist Office will send a confirmation to you, and will be your only contact for all accommodation matters.

Hotel Cancellation Policy

The deposit will be reimbursed if you cancel your reservation before 1 November 2009. The deposit placed on your credit card at the time of reservation will be forfeited if accommodation is cancelled less than 72 hours prior to arrival.



The participants are warned that they may require a visa to enter France. Visa applications may take some time. Please contact the Secretariat at info-hcp2009@cern.ch.


By road By train
  • PARIS 580 km byA6 / A40 / N206 / D1005
  • LYON 190 km by A42 / A40 / N206 / D1005
  • ANNECY 85 km by A41 / N206 / D1005
  • GENEVE 45 km by D1005
    One hour by bus or car from Geneva airport, downtown or main train station "Cornavin"
  • Swiss highway : Exit Villeneuve at 25 km
Gare SNCF d'Evian

Daily connections from Paris via Bellegarde

Direct TGV Paris / Evian on week-ends

A few trains per day connect Evian to the small Geneva "Eaux-Vives" station, which is reachable from the main Geneva "Cornavin" station by Tram and Bus.

SNCF Informations-reservations:
  • From France : 3635
  • From out of France : 08 92 35 35 35

By air By boat
International Geneva Airport at 50 km

Flight information :
  • (0041) 900 57 15 00
France welcome office :
  • (0041) 22 798 20 00
Lausanne / Evian
  • Every Day
  • Transfer duration : 35min
Navigation company, C.G.N (www.cgn.ch)
  • Tel (0041) 848 811 848

There will be chartered buses between Geneva International Airport/CERN and Evian. The trip will take about one hour. See here for the detailed schedule:
Date Departure via Destination
Sunday, 15 Nov. 2009 16h30 CERN (reception buiding 33) leaving 17h30 Geneva airport ~ 18h30 Evian
Monday, 16 Nov. 2009: CANCELLED! Please note that this bus has been cancelled due to insufficient interest. cancelled cancelled
Friday, 20 Nov. 2009 30 minutes after the last session: leaving Evian around 18h00 ~ 19h00 Geneva airport ~ 19h30 CERN
Saturday, 21 Nov. 2009 9h00 Evian ~ 10h00 Geneva airport ~ 10h30 CERN

For the return buses on Friday afternoon, please be prepared to have your luggage with you so that you can leave immediately after the Symposium ends. These buses will take you back to Geneva Airport and CERN. If you are interested in taking one of the buses, please indicate it when completing the on-line Registration Form.

Note that if you miss the bus, you will have to take a taxi (Evian taxi service or ATS company6 at the Geneva airport), a rental car, or use the (maybe not so convenient) train leaving from the Geneva "Eaux-Vives" station.

Evian taxi service:
STATION ALLO TAXI: +33 450750317
TAXI BEAUCHAMP: +33 670996562
TAXI BOULET: +33 679325219
TAXI DU LAC: +33 675712898
TAXI GOUDAL: +33 979008422
TAXI HOIZEY: +33 608270571
TAXI PEILLEX: +33 607831049
TAXI VUAILLAT: +33 684614814
TAXI YOUBI: +33 965220155

Social Events

A welcome reception will be held on Monday evening, 16 November 2009, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. All accompanying persons are invited to attend the reception.

A conference dinner will also be held at the Palais des Congrès on the evening of Thursday, 19 November 2009, at 8:30 pm. Please confirm the participation of accompanying persons when you register.

In addition, the organisers invite you to an "Apéritif" reception during the Poster Sessions on Thursday evening, 19 November 2009, at 5:30 pm A concert will take place at the Evian theatre on Tuesday, 17 November 2009, 8:00 pm. All participants and accompanying persons are invited. A lecture in French open to public and Symposium participants will be given on Wednesday, 18 November 2009 at 8:00 pm.


Free high-speed wireless Internet access will be available to all participants during conference hours in the Main Hall of the Palais Lumière, in conference rooms, and in the public areas. In addition a central computing facility will be set up next to the Secretariat, where some computers and a printer will be available throughout the Symposium.

The Local Organizing Committee is currently exploring the possibility of Web broadcasting the main events. Information on how to view broadcasting of the sessions will be available on the Symposium Web site in due time.


Wednesday afternoon, 18 November 2009 is free to allow participants to visit Evian and the nearby region. The Evian Tourist Office proposes a set of excursions to the participants and their accompanying persons. You can book them when you make your reservation.

Contributions to the Symposium

Contributions to the Symposium will be either talks or posters. All sessions will be plenary with oral presentations by invitation only. The average allocated time for each talk is expected to be 30 minutes. For most of the sessions, whenever appropriate, one or two talks will be included in the programme, which should provide a theoretical overview of the field and insights to the most recent developments.

Contributors are expected to provide an electronic version of their presentation in a portable format (PDF files). More details will be indicated on the Symposium Web site.

The Programme Committee will make the decision on the acceptance of posters. Write-ups of the accepted contributions will appear in the final Proceedings of the Symposium. Physicists interested in contributing to the scientific programme with posters are requested to submit a brief abstract, 120 words or 15 lines maximum length, by using the Abstract option available8. The deadline for the poster abstract submissions is 15 September 2009. A prize for the two best posters is foreseen.

Proceedings - Instruction to Authors

The Proceedings of the Conference will be published as a special issue of a Web-publishing electronics journal.

We inform the Authors that manuscripts will not be accepted if already published elsewhere or if they are expected to be published elsewhere.

The length of the contributions for final publication is (including title page and figures):

The manuscripts should be prepared as defined on the Symposium Web site. They should be delivered to the Conference Desk in electronic form, as specified in the "Instructions to Authors". As it is strongly requested by the scientific community that Proceedings appear within a few months after the end of the meeting, manuscripts must be provided no later than 15 January 2010.

Summary of Deadlines

Further Information

HCP2009 - Scientific Secretariat Evian Tourist Office
Ms. Antonella Vignes-Magno
Ms. Patricia Mage-Granados
e-mail : info-hcp2009@cern.ch
Office de Tourisme d'Evian7 - BP18
F-74501 Evian Cedex
Tel. : +33 4 50 75 04 26

1 http://indico.cern.ch/event/34002
2 http://www.eviantourism.com/lien.php?sid=&codej=anglais&portail=anglais&numpage=MENU1
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